AC Charge Station – EVmini

AC Charge Station

  • Overview 
    • EVAS series charging pile is an intelligent DC-AC charging system that promoted by TIREX to meet market demands,integrated AC charging interface, the human-computer interaction interface, high and low voltage power distribution, control and protection,support a very simple card operation and a common charging mode with electric cars.Ac charging pile design change numerous for brief, simple human-computer interaction with complete control protection integration within the small size of the charging module, pile appearance novel, exquisite design, all show the low carbon environmental protection, science and technology intelligence and the core concept of pragmatism.
  • Feature
    • Good human-computer interaction interface: touch screen, with the keyboard,guide the user, the operation is simple, humanized design is outstanding;
    • Various charging modes: support fixed time, fixed quantity, fixed amount and automatically filled with a variety of ways;
    • Intelligent charging terminal: charging real-time display information, including charging voltage, charging current, charging power, etc., with the running state display, fault condition monitoring and display, and other functions such as the current charging mode, has been filled Time, time remaining, rechargeable battery, for battery charging and billing information, the charging parameter setting, etc;
    • Mains interruption can still be swiped over charging process in 24 hours; 1000 trading data records, Don't disappear when power supply drop, automatically pair with the monitoring center;
    • Provide convenient and quick contact and non-contact IC card payment method, and the paper printing function.It will be display the charge transaction settlement information in the settlement interface after charged,and complete payment operation with he background monitoring system. With stop (emergency stop charging by means of manual or remote communication), output sliding sideways electric protection, over current, short circuit and SPD protection,safety function with preventing wrong operation. Interlocking function to ensure safety that the car can’t start before the charging connector is separated from electric cars.
    • Shell is beautiful、easy and durable as adopting stainless steel and plastic spraying technology. Using advertising design concept, pile could change advertising paper easily with A wide range of advertising space.
    • Perfect moisture proof, prevent mold, salt fog, dustproof, waterproof, sunscreen, windproof, guard against theft, fire and other measures, it can make safety management come true with installed camera, and record through video monitoring.
    • Support RS - 485, CAN, Ethernet, and other communication interface, provide 3 G/GPRS interface, realize the network monitoring.
  • Application 
    • have the electric vehicle charging module class cars, taxis, truck, bus and other slow charging.
Capacity:16A, 32A.
Input:single phase , protection degree: IP55.
Configuring single-phase AC power meter, the consumption can be measured.
Interlock function to avoid disconnecting of the connector and the car and ensure safety.
  Specification   Inscription              Description
  Input Input Rating 3 Phase, 5 Wire AC System (3Ph,N,E), 50Hz
Nominal Input Voltage 3 Phase, 415V
Metering Inbuilt Metering For Measurement
  Output No. Of Output 3
Output Rating 230 Vac, Single Phase, 15A each as per IS 12360
Output Connector 3 Independent Charging Sockets as per IEC 60309
    Protection Electrical Protections Over Current, Short Circuits Protection, Leakage Current Protection (RCD), Surge Protection, Over Temperature Protection (80°C).
Output Current Protection Circuit Breaker for each outlet limited to 16A
Internal Residual Current Detection 2 Pole 16A Breaker (As per Section 7.4 of AIS 138)
    User Interface and Control Display 6 inches with 720 x 480 pixels
Support Language English
Push Buttons Emergency Stop Button ( RED )
Metering Option Consumption Unit
Visual Indicators Standby, Charging, Fault and Warming
Display Message As per Requirement of Bharat EV Specification
Payment Debit/Credit; BHIM Application; Bharat QR or UPI Complaint mobile payment
User Authentication Using Mobile Application
Communication Between EVSE and Server OCPP 1.6 and higher
Between EVSE and CMS Ethernet (Standard), 3G and 4G
    Environmental Operating Temperature 0  to 55°C
Humidity 0  to 95%
Storage Temperature -10°C to 60°C
Altitude Up to 6000 Mt.
IP Ingress IP 55
Cooling Air cooled or Forced Cool
  Mechanical Dimension 600*400*750
Mounting Type Wall Mount / Pole Mount
Mechanical Impact Shall not be damaged  by mechanical impact energy 20 J