Founded in 2017, We at Tirex, design and manufacture proprietary technology to create world’s most advanced and reliable AC and DC chargers for electric vehicles.

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The only EV charging mobile application you will ever need!

Tirex is India’s largest EV Charging network. You know you’re at the perfect place because we have the experience of installing and successfully operating over 200 EV Charging Stations.
iCharge has the highest number of live charging stations so we will make sure you reach home to your loved ones and never run out of battery!

Use iCharge to find, use and pay for charging near you. Whatever vehicle you operate, we have a compatible charging station for you! Our high speed chargers can add more than 100 Kms of range in just 20 minutes so you will never miss that movie or the important meeting. Our high powered artificial intelligence makes sure you always get the best charger for your car because we love your car more than you do!

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How we are different?

Best in class features.

  • Green-tickLargest pool of chargers available so you can plan a trip without having to worry about charging.
  • Green-tickFind our ultra rapid chargers to quickly charge and pay hassle free for your charging!
  • Green-tickSee live status and get notifications of free chargers to get the best charging possible.
  • Green-tickGet live notifications about your charging session while you wait and enjoy your coffee
  • Green-tickAdvanced security system to protect your payments and your personal data
  • Green-tickExtraordinary UI to let you enjoy and breeze through the screen without any stress!

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