Importance of Charging Station in day-to-day life!

With times of technological advancement, it is necessary we move along the wave. Charging stations can reduce emission and have transformed the automotive landscape of automobile industry. We at Tirex acknowledge your car needs and offer quicker, economically feasible, reliant, and safer charging. So why wait?

Serving our promise of efficiency since 2007 with experience of highly skilled engineers. And, here we are with now being the favourable choice of over 25,000 EV drivers.

Why us?

We may ask why not. Have an electric car and worried about charging it at home? The smarter way is the way that will lead you to us. A slow or corrupted charger might affect the charging process, so why hassle with them? Rather, let our skilled team set up with our UL-Listed charger and other products which meet the severe automaker safety standards.

Why settle for less when these plug-ins can bring a drastic change to your charging methods!

With an increase in demand and popularity for electric cars it becomes equally essential to target customers with more efficient and self-reliant ways to increase customer satisfaction with latest manufacturing facilities.

Choose sustainability when you can!

With electric cars you already chose path of less pollutant’s emission, moving ahead with charging portals such as ours you take another step towards it with trouble free operative technology.

What do we offer our customers?

You are aboard us on an advanced modular journey. We have wall mounted DC charging stations, Mobile DC charging stations, and others with friendly and interactive interface for customer convenience. Its aesthetic appearance is what makes it an elegant and desired choice for many along with supporting multi communication tools such as wired, 3G, 4G. One station has potential to charge multiple vehicles, so get yourself one asap!

Your safety is our priority.

With complex technology one is usually sceptical about safety however, we have it all covered and taken care of. The device provides leakage protection, detects insulation, has emergency protection and is water proof. In case of any contingency like short circuits, the device automatically turns itself off. We recognize our users as our team and your safety is of utmost significance.

Our motto is to serve the best, and most adaptable products for all your charging needs.