Tirex Chargers – Partnering With The Frontiers Of Growth & Success!

Nature plays a magical role in upbringing the existence of mankind. Keeping the goal of Treasuring Greens of Mother Nature at the forefront of everything, we at Tirex Chargers runs an extra mile in preserving these valuable gems. We have been pioneering in the EV charging market even before the first electric car was built.

Undeviatingly from the beginning till the end, we test our products far beyond industry standards to deliver the highest quality products. Our state-of-the-art products are UL-Listed and meet the most meticulously uncompromising automaker safety standards. We’ve known this game & have mastered it & we are the proud choice of more than 25,000 EV drivers.

Say YES to the future of sustainability with Tirex Chargers.

We’re one of the front-runners in revolutionizing the landscape of the Electrical Domain, nationally & internationally. We are growing PAN India to furnish you with the privileges of the most reliable, flexible, and scalable charging station. We’re revered as one of the most reliable and innovative companies providing customers with an experience of our highly skilled engineers. Our Chargers are known to charge quickly with effective safety features just made for the forever-flourishing market,

Our nature-centric ideology & electrical perfection has kept us ahead of the rest. We’ve proudly stamped our presence in 17 places across India & are all set to broadening new horizons with 120 more.

Powering the generations since 2007!

Be it your expensive trips or short grocery tips, our Neighbourhood Tirex Charging Station will power your car with the energy it requires.

Trust that turn heads

Fast, reliable, safe, and affordable is what you need when charging your new electric car and our team has been delivering on that promise since 2007.

Design that never fails to amaze

Parking parameters, electrical infrastructure, and mounting location are just a few unique elements to consider.

The craftsmanship that creates a statement

We use only the highest quality materials, which ensures your installation will stand the test of time.

Drive electrical, Drive eco-logical! Do you need to charge your electric car faster than ever at home? Calm down, we’ve covered you with a smart way of charging. You will be stunned to know that, over 95% of electric car charging is performed at home – so why settle for a slow charger or a badly set up charging system? Let our highly-professional, technologically advanced & vigorously enthusiasts of Smart Charge America set you up with a fast electric car charger right where you need it most.

Growth is synonymous with Tirex Chargers.

In such an era, success & expansion plays a key role. Turn your dreams into reality by taking up the lead of your entrepreneurship journey. Join-in the green evolution by partnering with the frontiers of growth & holistic development. Be a proud owner of electric vehicle charging solutions by offering Tirex Chargers. Sow the seeds of profit & reap the benefits from the most reliable, flexible, and scalable charging stations in the market, nationally & internationally.

Take a great delight in exploring the ardent advantages of shaking hands with us.

  • Green-tick Reliable technology
  • Green-tick Furnished with sheer flexibility
  • Green-tick User-friendly features
  • Green-tick Efficient in performance
  • Green-tick Technologically advanced
  • Green-tick Fashionable outlook
  • Green-tick Safe & secured
  • Green-tick Eco-friendly
  • Green-tick Profitable investment

Come, join-in the go-green evolution & pledge to sheerly following the sustainable practices for the welfare of the coming generations.

Let’s go green & save the world from the natural adversities.

For franchise inquiries, Call On +91-79-22811507/8, +91-7600007009 or email us at info@tirexchargers.com